Communication consulting

You have needs, we have the solutions

Council Corporate, Institutional, Personal, Communications 

Your needs

You have goals and you hesitate to communicate to achieve them?
You want to communicate, but without knowing what media and media use?
You want to use a communication medium but without knowing how to use?
You believe in new media, but without being certain of their interest in your business?
New Technology Consulting WeCan01 as a consulting agency communication to whom you can entrust your communication problem to get a goal and personal opinion.

-corporate films
-productions videos

-Digital signage

-Event Communication

Institutional, Corporate, and Private Photography

You are a project managercommunications directormarketing manager, or event? Require a professional photographer to capture and refine the image of your business, your events and your products.

The photographs allow you to communicate to

  • Your customers
  • Employees and businesses
  • Various stakeholders and subcontractors
  • Press
  • Having an archive image bank

We assure responsiveness, availability and competitiveness to offer a serious, quality and tailored to your needs.

New technology Consulting WeCan01 goal is to showcase your products to catch perfect photographic views made in a photo studio environment for your brochures, website, data sheets, expansions …

On the field, the role of the photographer is to capture images showing events in your day to create bank photographs.

Reports journalistic at an event, a visit, a dedication, an open house, the launch of a new product, seminar, laying a foundation stone …


Global communications

  • Communication strategy

Graphic Design & Visual Identity

  • Creation of logo and graphic charter
  • Creation and realization of Product Pages
  • Creation and realization of company brochure
  • Design and production of greeting cards
  • Design and production of posters, POP, hanging banners, tarpaulin
  • Design and production of press kits
  • Creating consumer press campaign, trade press campaign
  • Communication b-to-b, communication b-to-c
  • Design and production of POS (point of sale advertising)


  • Layout for editing
  • Design and production of brochures and catalogs

Photographic & Audiovisual Productions

Our analysis

Our recommendations are based on:

  • An analysis of the image that your company broadcasts
  • An analysis of your industry
  • An analysis of trends in your industry in the supply, marketing and communication

Our solutions

Based on our analysis, we will advise on our recommendations communications and / or marketing:

  • any solution put forward
  • What marketing positioning and / or communication
  • what speech and what content you develop to differentiate
  • what means and media to use more attention
Corporate film, the image of your company

Need to communicate? Think about the image communication

Our activity audiovisual productions revolves around the board and the realization of productions film or corporate video on internal or external use, journalistic reporting , film product , safety movie , movie site monitoring , audiovisual business card .. .

Communication strategy

You want to create a corporate event

 Our engagements

  • You ensure image quality and benefits confidential
  • Having a single contact for your production
  • Provide turnkey service
  • Responsiveness and availability
  • Meet deadlines

Our role

Our role is also to assist you in choosing the distribution of your film or corporate video.

What media use?

How to distribute my film at an event?

How to choose a technical solution? (video projector – Monitor – diffusion WebTv – signage …)

Our Experience

SEQUENCE Productions, is above all a passionate, motivated by the occupation of the image attached to quality work and development of the company.

We have great experience in this field that we offer to our customers

Our approach

  • Analyses & needs
  • Marking on site before shooting
  • Shooting in Full-HD (broadcast professional equipment)
  • Shooting options: – traveling – onboard camera …
  • Aerial photography gyro-stabilized helicopter or ULM
  • Post-production (montage)
  • infographic Dress
  • Registration by actors and / or professional actresses
  • Opportunity to realize your corporate video in multiple languages
  • All encoding formats
  • All broadcast media

   The goals of a corporate film

  • Strengthen your business
  • Boost sales
  • Convey a clear and accurate information about your products
  • marketing tool
  • Sales support for your business
  • Posting on your website, trade fairs or exhibitions

Communication at your event

For your communication needs through images, discover our event services New technology Consulting WeCan01, produces custom missions, suitable for all sizes of events. From simple audio broadcast via a video broadcast, a multi-camera capturing or managing your event in its entirety.

Our services :

  • Council events communication
  • Realization of broadcast content (music videos – movies – messages …)
  • Preparation and writing of the driver of your event
  • Tracking on website
  • Directed stakeholder
  • Technical manager:
    • light & sound broadcasting
    • Scene & decorations
    • Display and signaling
    • Energy & Safety Facilities
    • Capture video and video projection

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