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Communicate through the Internet to develop your reputation

You are responsible for business ? it is necessary to make yourself known and be visible on the Internet . Internet is present in our lives every day, this is a revolution that changes the way we inform and communicate to:

  • Present your company, your products, your know-how
  • Transmit visual information
  • Make the difference
  • Develop your customers door leaf
  • you locate

How Will You Benefit?

Be rewarded with great Return On Investment when your website:

  • Reaches out to more customers regardless of the different browsing devices they use.
  • Ensures that all website visitors enjoy the same user experience.
  • Persuades website visitors to take the desired actions you want them to, such as:
    • calling your company’s hotline
    • making sales enquiries
    • patronizing your physical stores
    • making e-commerce transactions
    • registering/paying for events
    • subscribing to your product and mailing list
    • downloading your virtual product

The objectives of a website

There are several objectives to achieve a website :

  • Benefit from a borderless communication and continuous 24h / 24 and 7/7
  • Do know your business, your products, your know-how
  • Increase your credibility
  • Dynamism of your company and your communication
  • Create a dynamic communication
  • Selling on the Internet
  • If stand vis-à-vis the competition
  • Improve customer service

We apply psychology of persuasion theory on web design to:

  • make your users understand that what you offer will fulfill their needs or solve their problems
  • let your website join the conversation in their mind
  • highlight enough social proof on your website
  • remove any doubts your site user might have on your website
  • enable a friction-less checkout or call-to-action on your website

Our services

  • Analysis and advice
  • Realize and Optimize your website
  • Taking a video with film, video or story of your business or products
  • Programming and SEO your site
  • uploading and hosting of your website
  • Monitoring and updating your website

Web Development Services

Good web design does more than please the eye – it brings results and instills customer’s confidence in your business. Make your presence felt online with web development services from New Technology Consulting WeCan01

With the rapidly changing business landscape, evolution of technology and increased online transactions, it is essential to have an online presence. Businesses are increasingly moving online to grab eyeballs and interact and connect with customers and other businesses. With online interactions amongst communities on a high, it is essential to have your own website- the face of your organization in the digital world. Without a website your existence in the digital world is meaningless!

From the next-gen HTML 5 development to providing eCommerce solutions and open source content management systems, the web has become a pool of solutions and choices available for your tailored requirements. New Technology Consulting WeCan01
is a leading web development company based . We are a “one stop solution” for all your web development needs. Our solutions are innovative, futuristic and cost-effective..

web design New technology Consulting WeCan01

Why work with New Technology Consulting WeCan01

It has been said that there is No Bad Employee, only Poor Leadership! Our integrated Web Solution as your Business Partner comes with strong leadership in Design and Project Management. It boils down to our key driver; RESULT.

Having said that, have you ever wondered why you need an online presence? Are you spending monies and effort on your website that is not driving you leads or prospects? It has got a lot to do with science and marketing. At BDC, we know HOW and WHERE to attract your Prospects through your web presence.

icon web design cms


Our Content Management System allows website administrator to update website content at anytime and anywhere by logging into control panel.

icon web design content

Content Pages

We allow you to describe your company profile or background and core businesses to let your visitors understand you better.

icon web design form

Online Form

Enable your visitors to complete and submit their enquiries and have the form sent directly to your email.


Social Media Link

We give you the edge to connect and engage your website visitors to your Facebook page, Google+, Twitter, etc.

webdesign bespoke

Bespoke Design

Our website design is unique to each client based on your business needs. We do not use any ready-made templates.

icon web design contact

Contact Page

Allow the consumers or potential clients to get in touch with you and we map your exact location on Google Map to provide ease to client to visit you.

Why Desktop Website doesn’t work for Mobile Use?

Mobile Internet usage is increasing steadily, it’s extremely important that your website is Mobile-Friendly. As more people are beginning to use Mobile devices like smartphones, for every task that used to be only capable on desktop. One thing has become clear is Mobile devices is taking over Internet surfing. And, it’s not even just surfing. It’s everything from browsing social media websites, checking emails and doing their online shopping.

Touch input is fundamentally different from mouse input, and requires you to think about your user interactions differently. The desktop user interface platform differs from the Mobile user interface platform in many ways, including interaction techniques, how people read, context of use, and the plain number of things that can be grasped at a glance. That is why Webteq strongly agreed that Mobile users need a different design than desktop users.

Why We Need Mobile-Friendly Website?


Google loves Mobile-Friendly websites. Don’t harm your SEO.

Optimizing Performance

Users expects a fast, seamless experience on Mobile, not a heavy loading.

Easy Read

Believe us. Text content is more readable without tapping or zooming anymore.

Improve SEO Ranking

Mobile view website will get higher search rankings on Mobile devices.

2-in-1 Website

One website URL is now supports both Mobile and desktop users.


Touch input is different from mouse input, it requires user interactions on fingers.

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New Technology Consulting wecan01

Google realizes that unhappy people will go elsewhere. Meaning that bounce rates increase and the site will not rank on Mobile searches. This creates a whole big headache involving Google’s external link algorithm and on-page errors. Which in turn, also harms your SEO.

We are not bluffing. Read more about Mobile-Friendly website in Google, click HERE

To check if your website is Mobile-Friendly  Click Here  

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